Name Type
limit number | undefined
origins string | undefined
targetProjection ol.proj.Projection | undefined
options BloodhoundOptions | undefined
remoteOptions BloodhoundRemoteOptions | undefined
prepare undefined | function


limit: number|undefined

The maximum number of results to retrieve per request (max. and default limit=50).

options: BloodhoundOptions|undefined

Optional Bloodhound options. If undefined, the default Bloodhound config will be used.

origins: string|undefined

A comma separated list of origins. Possible origins are: zipcode,gg25,district,kantone,gazetteer,address,parcel Per default all origins are used.

prepare: undefined|function

Optional function to prepare the request.

remoteOptions: BloodhoundRemoteOptions|undefined

Optional Bloodhound remote options. Only used if remote is not defined in options.

targetProjection: ol.proj.Projection|undefined

Target projection.