Namespace: ngeox.format


Name Type
accuracy number | undefined
defaultValues Object:.<string:, function(ol.Feature:)> | undefined
encodeStyles boolean | undefined
properties function | undefined
setStyle boolean | undefined


accuracy: number|undefined

The encoding and decoding accuracy. Optional. Default value is 1.

defaultValues: Object:.<string:, function(ol.Feature:)>|undefined

encodeStyles: boolean|undefined

Encode styles. Optional. Default is true.

properties: function|undefined

A function that returns serializable properties for a feature. Optional. By default the feature properties (as returned by feature.getProperties()) are used. To be serializable the returned properties should be numbers or strings.

setStyle: boolean|undefined

Determines whether the style defined for each feature is read and converted into: A) an object set in the feature, or B) an object with key:values that defines the style properties set in the feature and for the ngeo.FeatureHelper to use to style the feature with. Default is true, i.e. A).