Class: displayquerywindowComponent component:gmfDisplayquerywindow


new displayquerywindowComponent()

Provide a component to display results of the ngeo.queryResult and shows related features on the map using the ngeo.FeatureOverlayMgr.

You can override the default component's template by setting the value gmfDisplayquerywindowTemplateUrl.

Features displayed on the map use a default style but you can override these styles by passing objects as attributes of this component.


HTML attributes:
Name Type Attributes Description
gmf-displayquerywindow-featuresstyle A style object for all features from the result of the query.
selectedfeaturestyle A style object for the current displayed feature.
defaultcollapsed boolean <optional>
If the query result window is collapsed.
desktop boolean If the component is used in the desktop application.
showunqueriedlayers boolean If also layers, that have not been queried for the last query, should be shown in the filter.