Class: contextualdatacontentDirective directive:gmfContextualdatacontent


new contextualdatacontentDirective(gmfContextualdatacontentTemplateUrl)

Provide a directive responsible of formatting the content of the popover for the contextual data directive.

Its main purpose is to configure the template to be used. Integrators should ensure that the template values match the configuration of the contextual data directive.

For each projection the following expressions can be used (replace xxxx by the relevant projection code:

  • {{coord_xxxx}},
  • {{coord_xxxx_eastern}},
  • {{coord_xxxx_northern}}

Tip: one should use the ngeoNumberCoordinates and ngeoDMSCoordinates.

The raster service is requested to query additional information. The integrators can also use {{xxxx}} where xxxx will be replaced by the name of the raster layers (for example 'srtm').

See the ../examples/contribs/gmf/contextualdata.html example for a usage sample.


The Directive Definition Object.