Class: displayquerygridComponent component:gmfDisplayquerygrid


new displayquerygridComponent()

Provides a component to display results of the ngeo.queryResult in a grid and shows related features on the map using the ngeo.FeatureOverlayMgr.

You can override the default component's template by setting the value gmfDisplayquerygridTemplateUrl.

Features displayed on the map use a default style but you can override these styles by passing objects as attributes of this component.

Note: the following ng-class need to be present in the interface element to display the footer when the grid is active (initially there should be the code for the profile tool):


HTML attributes:
Name Type Attributes Description
gmf-displayquerygrid-active boolean The active state of the component.
gmf-displayquerygrid-featuresstyle A style object for all features from the result of the query.
gmf-displayquerygrid-selectedfeaturestyle A style object for the currently selected features.
gmf-displayquerygrid-map ol.Map The map.
gmf-displayquerygrid-removeemptycolumns boolean <nullable>
Optional. Should empty columns be hidden? Default: `false`.
gmf-displayquerygrid-maxrecenterzoom number <nullable>
Optional. Maximum zoom-level to use when zooming to selected features.
gmf-displayquerygrid-gridmergetabs gmfx.GridMergeTabs <nullable>
Optional. Configuration to merge grids with the same attributes into a single grid.