Class: btngroupDirective directive:ngeoBtnGroup


new btngroupDirective($parse)

Provides two directives: ngeo-btn-group and ngeo-btn.

The ngeo-btn-group directive allows creating "toggle" groups. It works with the ngeo-btn directive.


<div ngeo-btn-group>
  <button ngeo-btn class="btn" ng-model=""></button>
  <button ngeo-btn class="btn" ng-model=""></button>

In that example the ngeo-btn are combined together in a "toggle group", where activating a button will deactivate the others.

One can use ng-model directive at the group level in order to know if a button is active.


<div ngeo-btn-group ngeo-btn-group-active="ctrl.drawToolActive">

See our live example: ../examples/interactionbtngroup.html

HTML attributes:
Name Type Description
ngeo-btn-group-active * Any property of the scope. Tells whether at least one button of the group is active.

The directive specs.