Class: WfsPermalink service:ngeoWfsPermalink

WFS permalink service that can be used to load features with a WFS GetFeature request given query parameters.

Resulting features are then highlighted and the map is zoomed to the nearest map extent.


  • wfs_layer tells what layer will be queried
  • wfs_showFeatures (boolean) tells if the features should be highlighted and listed (when true) or if the map should only be recentered on the features (when false). Default is true.
  • other parameters will be considered as WFS attribute/values filters and must be of the form: wfs_<layer attribute name>=<a comma-separated list of values>

Example:,34,56 will load parcels #12, 34 and 56 of the city of Oslo.

It is possible to define several groups of filtering parameters by:

  • adding a wfs_ngroups parameter telling how many groups are defined
  • prefixing all filtering parameters by the number of each group, starting at 0. For instance wfs_0_<layer attribute name>

Example: &wfs_0_city=Oslo&wfs_0_number=12,34,56&wfs_1_city=Paris&wfs_1_number=78,90 will load parcels #12, 34 and 56 of the city of Oslo as well as parcels #78 and 90 of the city of Paris.

Name Type Description
$http angular.$http

Angular $http service.

ngeoQueryResult ngeox.QueryResult

The ngeo query result service.

ngeoWfsPermalinkOptions ngeox.WfsPermalinkOptions

The options to configure the ngeo wfs permalink service with.



Clear the results.

issue(queryData, map)

Build a WFS GetFeature request for the given query parameter data, send the request and add the received features to ngeox.QueryResult.

Name Type Description
queryData ngeo.WfsPermalinkData

Query data for the WFS request.

map ol.Map

The ol3 map object to get the current projection from.