Class: GmfGroup


new GmfGroup()

A GeoMapFish group not an OpenLayers group neither a WMS group. This represent « first level group » (Block in the layer tree), or all sub nodes that's not al leaf.



(non-null) children: Array:.<(!gmfThemes.GmfGroup:|!gmfThemes.GmfLayer:)>

(non-null) dimensions: ngeox.Dimensions

The dimensions managed by the OpenLayers layer, if the value is null we will take the dimension from the application. This is present only on non mixed first level group.

id: number

Inherited From:

(non-null) metadata: gmfThemes.GmfMetaData

The related metadata.

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mixed: boolean

A mixed group is a group on which one the layers comes from different sources, then all the sub GeoMapFish layers (leaf) will be an OpenLayers layer. By opposition a non mixed first level group contains only GeoMapFish layers WMS from the same server, then we have only one OpenLayers layer for all the first level group. All the group child will have the same value of his parent, In other word, all the group of a first level group will have the same value.

name: string

Inherited From:

ogcServer: string|undefined

On non mixed first level group it is the ogc server to use.

time: ngeox.TimeProperty|undefined

On non mixed first level group with more then one time layer, it is the time informations.