Class: module:Permalink service:gmfPermalink

The Permalink service for GMF, which uses the ngeo.statemanager.Service to manage the GMF application state. Here's the list of states are are managed:

  • the map center and zoom level
  • the current background layer selected
  • whether to add a crosshair feature in the map or not
  • the dimensions value

To have the whole possibilities offer by the permalink, these services should be instantiated: ngeoBackgroundLayerMgr, ngeoFeatureOverlayMgr, ngeoFeatureHelper, gmfPermalinkOptions, gmfThemes, gmfObjectEditingManager, gmfThemeManager, defaultTheme, gmfTreeManager, ngeoWfsPermalink, ngeoAutoProjection and ngeoFeatures.

Name Type Description
$q !angular.$q

The Angular $q service.

$timeout angular.$timeout

Angular timeout service.

$rootScope angular.Scope

Angular rootScope.

$injector angular.$injector

Main injector.

ngeoDebounce ngeox.miscDebounce

ngeo Debounce factory.

gettextCatalog angularGettext.Catalog

Gettext service.

ngeoEventHelper ngeo.misc.EventHelper

Ngeo event helper service

ngeoStateManager ngeo.statemanager.Service

The ngeo statemanager service.

ngeoLocation ngeo.statemanager.Location

ngeo location service.

gmfUser gmfx.User



(nullable) gmfUser_: gmfx.User

(inner, constant, non-null) gmfPermalinkOptions: gmfx.PermalinkOptions

The options to configure the gmf permalink service with.

(inner, constant, nullable) ngeoFeatureOverlayMgr: