Class: module:Snapping service:gmfSnapping


new module:Snapping($http, $q, $rootScope, $injector, $timeout, gmfThemes, gmfTreeManager)

The snapping service of GMF. Responsible of collecting the treeCtrls that support snapping and store them here. As soon as a treeCtrl state becomes 'on', a WFS GetFeature request is issued to collect the features at the map view location. A new request is sent every time the map is panned or zoomed for each treeCtrl that are still 'on'.

Features returned by these requests get bound to a ol.interaction.Snap, which allows the snapping to occur on other places where vector features are drawn or modified.

Name Type Description
$http angular.$http

Angular $http service.

$q angular.$q

The Angular $q service.

$rootScope !angular.Scope

Angular rootScope.

$injector !angular.$injector

Angular injector.

$timeout angular.$timeout

Angular timeout service.

gmfThemes gmf.theme.Themes

The gmf Themes service.

gmfTreeManager gmf.layertree.TreeManager

The gmf TreeManager service.