Class: module:AbstractAppController controller


new module:AbstractAppController(config, $scope, $injector)

Application abstract controller.

This file includes goog.require for base components/directives used by the HTML page and the controller to provide the configuration.

Name Type Description
config gmfx.Config

A part of the application config.

$scope angular.Scope


$injector angular.$injector

Main injector.


$scope: angular.Scope

defaultLang: string

Default language

(non-null) dimensions: Object:.<string:, string:>

(nullable) displaywindowContent: string

displaywindowDraggableContainment: string

(nullable) displaywindowHeight: string

displaywindowOpen: boolean

(nullable) displaywindowTitle: string

(nullable) displaywindowUrl: string

(nullable) displaywindowWidth: string

drawFeatureActive: boolean

drawProfilePanelActive: boolean

filterSelectorActive: boolean

filterSelectorEnabled: boolean

getBrowserLanguage: ngeox.miscGetBrowserLanguage

gettextCatalog: angularGettext.Catalog

The gettext catalog

gmfThemeManager: gmf.theme.Manager

gmfUser: gmfx.User

hasEditableLayers: boolean

lang: string

(non-null) langUrls: Object:.<string:, string:>

Languages URL

leftNavVisible: boolean

(nullable) loginInfoMessage: string

Information message for the login form.

(nullable) loginRedirectUrl: string

Url to redirect to after login success.

manageResize: boolean

Whether to update the size of the map on browser window resize.

mapToolsGroup: string

measureLengthActive: boolean

The active state of the directive responsible of length measurements.

measurePointActive: boolean

The active state of the directive responsible of point measurements.

ngeoLocation: ngeo.statemanager.Location

Location service

printActive: boolean

printPanelActive: boolean

queryActive: boolean

The active state of the ngeo query directive.

queryAutoClear: boolean

Set the clearing of the ngeoQuery after the deactivation of the query


FeatureStyle used by the gmf.query.windowComponent

resizeTransition: number|undefined

The duration (milliseconds) of the animation that may occur on the div containing the map. Used to smoothly resize the map while the animation is in progress.

rightNavVisible: boolean

searchDatasources: Array:.<gmfx.SearchComponentDatasource:>

stateManager: ngeo.statemanager.Service

tmhDynamicLocale: tmhDynamicLocale

userMustChangeItsPassword: boolean

(inner, constant) gmfAuthentication: gmf.authentication.Service

Authentication service

(inner, constant) ngeoFeatureHelper: ngeo.misc.FeatureHelper

Ngeo FeatureHelper service

(inner, constant) ngeoFeatureOverlayMgr:

The ngeo feature overlay manager service

(inner, constant) ngeoToolActivateMgr: ngeo.misc.ToolActivateMgr

The ngeo ToolActivate manager service.


(inner) userChange(evt)

Name Type Description
evt gmfx.AuthenticationEvent