Class: module:Manager service:gmfDataSourcesManager


new module:Manager($q, $rootScope, $timeout, gmfThemes, gmfTreeManager, ngeoBackgroundLayerMgr, ngeoDataSources, ngeoLayerHelper, ngeoRuleHelper, ngeoWMSTime, gmfWFSAliases)

The GeoMapFish DataSources Manager is responsible of listenening to the c2cgeoportal's themes to create instances of ngeo.datasource.DataSource objects with the layer definitions found and push them in the ngeox.datasource.DataSources collection. The Manager must be initialized with the app's map using the setDatasourcseMap() method.

When changing theme, these data sources are cleared then re-created.

Name Type Description
$q angular.$q

Angular q service

$rootScope !angular.Scope

Angular rootScope.

$timeout angular.$timeout

Angular timeout service.

gmfThemes gmf.theme.Themes

The gmf Themes service.

gmfTreeManager gmf.layertree.TreeManager

The gmf TreeManager service.

ngeoBackgroundLayerMgr !

Background layer manager.

ngeoDataSources ngeo.datasource.DataSources

Ngeo data sources service. data sources service.

ngeoLayerHelper !

Ngeo Layer Helper.

ngeoRuleHelper !ngeo.filter.RuleHelper

Ngeo rule helper service.

ngeoWMSTime !ngeo.misc.WMSTime

wms time service.

gmfWFSAliases !gmf.datasource.WFSAliases

Gmf WFS aliases service.



Set the map to use with your datasources.

Name Type Description
map !ol.Map

The map to use.


Name Type Description
dimensions !ngeox.Dimensions

A reference to the dimensions object to keep a reference of in this service.