Customise the application

There is two generic ways to customise the application.

The functionnalities and the UI metadata.

The functionalities will be attached to the role and the theme, and the UI metadata will be attached to all the elements of the theme.

They should be configured in the vars file, in the admin_interface / available_functionnalities or respectively available_metadata.

It is a list of object who have a name and a type.

The type can be:

Check CONST_vars.yaml for examples of usage.

In order to inherit the default values from CONST_vars.yaml make sure the update_paths section contains the item admin_interface.available_functionnalities or respectively admin_interface.available_metadata.


In the admin interface we can use in all the URLs the following special schema:

  • static: to use a static route,

    • static:///icon.png will get the URL of the static-ngeo static route of the project.
    • static://static-cgxp/icon.png will get the URL of the static-cgxp static route of the project.
    • static://prj:img/icon.png will get the URL of the img static route of prj.
  • config: to get the server name from the URL, with the config from the vars file:


    config://my_server/icon.png will be transformed into the URL