Configure short URLΒΆ

The configuration in vars.yaml looks like this:

# SMTP configuration could be already there if needed by other feature
    ssl: true
    user: <username>
    password: <password>
    starttls: false

     # The base of created URL
     base_url:  https://{host}/{apache_entry_point}s/
     # Used to send a confirmation email
     email_subject: You have created the following short URL
     email_body: |

         Somebody sent you the following link:

         With the message:

         Sincerely yours
         The GeoMapFish team
     # length (default) of ref of new short url
     # Can be change when you want
     # max 20 (size of the column)
     length: 4

The shortened URL is sent by email to the current registered user email address unless another address has been provided through the email field in the viewer interface.

If the SMTP host ends with a colon (:) followed by a number, and there is no port specified, that suffix will be stripped off and the number interpreted as the port number to use.

Replace the value by a working SMTP server name. If your SMTP server does not require user login, then remove the configuration for user and password.