In the file <package>.mk, define the supported languages with (default), in the simple application mode, the list of languages is constant: en fr de it.

LANGUAGES ?= en fr de

In the file vars.yaml, define the default locale:

     default_locale_name: fr

In the file language_mapping, define any desired locale variants, for example:


Build your application.

The files to translate are:

  • geoportal/<package>_geoportal/locale/<lang>/LC_MESSAGES/<package>-client.po for the ngeo client


All the #, fuzzy strings should be verified and the line should be removed (if the line is not removed, the localization will not be used).

To update your po files, you should proceed as follows.

make update-po


You should run this command when you change something in the following:

  • layer in Mapfile (new or modified)

  • layer in administration (new or modified)

  • raster layer in the vars file (new or modified)

  • print template

  • full-text search

  • application (JavaScript and HTML files)

  • layer enumeration

  • some metadata as disclaimer

  • editable layer (database structure, data or enumerations)


In Mapfiles, attributes added by MapServer substitution will not be collected for translation.

Collect custom strings


This is not possible in the simple application mode

If the standard system can not collect some strings, you can add them manually in one of your JavaScript application controllers:

/** @type {angular.gettext.gettextCatalog} */
const gettextCatalog = $injector.get('gettextCatalog');
gettextCatalog.getString('My previously not collected string');

I18next configuration

In the vars in i18next you can override the default i18next configuration. If not provided the backend/loadPath is automatically generated.

Seel also i18next Configuration Options.

Different localization sets

If you use the application with different databases that contains two different layer trees you should have a suffix on your po files.

Before calling the update-po command you should rename the po files you want to update without the suffix, and after you should rename them with the right name.

In the config Dockerfile you should replace:

RUN build-l10n "<package>"


RUN build-l10n --suffix=suffix_1 --suffix=suffix_2 "<package>"

in the geoportal/<package>_geoportal/ file you should add:

for lang in (<languages>):