Configure the admin interface


Configuration of the admin interface is not possible in the simple application mode.

You can activate or deactivate (tabs, modules, models or tables) in administration interface using configuration key exclude_pages and include_pages.

Include and excludes tabs

Default tabs/modules

The active default tabs (route urls) are: - layertree - themes - layer_groups - layers_wms - layers_wmts - ogc_servers - restriction_areas - users - roles - functionalities - interfaces

Optional tabs/modules

It’s possible to have optional tabs, not available if not explicitly included.

Include a new page

We need a url path and a class to include a new page.

Here is an example using the existing vector tiles page:

      - url_path: layers_vectortiles
        model: c2cgeoportal_commons.models.main.LayerVectorTiles


It is possible also to add totally new tables, models, tabs.

Exclude a page

We can exclude any of the default tabs. The syntax use a list under vars/admin_interface/exclude_pages.