Class: profileComponent component:gmfProfile


new profileComponent()

Provide a component that display a profile panel. This profile use the given LineString geometry to request the c2cgeoportal profile.json service. The raster used in the request are the keys of the 'linesconfiguration' object. The 'map' attribute is optional and are only used to display on the map the information that concern the hovered point (in the profile and on the map) of the line. This profile relies on the ngeo.profile (d3) and ngeo.ProfileComponent.


HTML attributes:
Name Type Attributes Description
gmf-profile-active Active the component.
gmf-profile-line The linestring geometry to use to draw the profile.
gmf-profile-map <nullable>
An optional map.
gmf-profile-linesconfiguration The configuration of the lines. Each keys will be used to request elevation layers.
gmf-profile-hoverpointstyle <nullable>
Optional style for the 'on Hover' point on the line.
gmf-profile-numberofpoints <nullable>
Optional maximum limit of points to request. Default to 100.
gmf-profile-options <nullable>
Optional options object like ngeox.profile.ProfileOptions but without any mandatory value. Will be passed to the ngeo profile component. Providing 'linesConfiguration', 'distanceExtractor', hoverCallback, outCallback or i18n will override native gmf profile values.