Class: module:Permalink service:gmfPermalink

The Permalink service for GMF, which uses the ngeo.statemanager.Service to manage the GMF application state. Here's the list of states are are managed:

  • the map center and zoom level
  • the current background layer selected
  • whether to add a crosshair feature in the map or not
  • the dimensions value

To have the whole possibilities offer by the permalink, these services should be instantiated: ngeoBackgroundLayerMgr, ngeoFeatureOverlayMgr, ngeoFeatureHelper, gmfPermalinkOptions, gmfThemes, gmfObjectEditingManager, gmfThemeManager, defaultTheme, gmfTreeManager, ngeoWfsPermalink, ngeoAutoProjection and ngeoFeatures.

Name Type Description
$q !angular.$q

The Angular $q service.

$timeout angular.$timeout

Angular timeout service.

$rootScope angular.Scope

Angular rootScope.

$injector angular.$injector

Main injector.

ngeoDebounce ngeox.miscDebounce

ngeo Debounce factory.

ngeoEventHelper ngeo.misc.EventHelper

Ngeo event helper service

ngeoStateManager ngeo.statemanager.Service

The ngeo statemanager service.

ngeoLocation ngeo.statemanager.Location

ngeo location service.


(nullable) gmfUser_: gmfx.User

(inner, constant, non-null) gmfPermalinkOptions: gmfx.PermalinkOptions

The options to configure the gmf permalink service with.

(inner, constant, nullable) ngeoFeatureOverlayMgr: