Class: ExternalDataSourcesManager service:gmfExternalDataSourcesManager


new ExternalDataSourcesManager(gettextCatalog, $injector, $q, $rootScope, ngeoDataSources, ngeoFile, ngeoLayerHelper)

External data sources come remote online resources, such as WMS/WMTS servers, and also files such as KML/GXP. This service is responsible of creating, storing and managing them.

Name Type Description
gettextCatalog !angularGettext.Catalog


$injector !angular.$injector

Main injector.

$q !angular.$q

The Angular $q service.

$rootScope !angular.Scope

The rootScope provider.

ngeoDataSources !ngeo.datasource.DataSources

Ngeo data sources service.

ngeoFile !ngeo.misc.File

Ngeo file.

ngeoLayerHelper !

Ngeo layer helper service