Class: QueryManager service:gmfQueryManager


new QueryManager(ngeoQuery, gmfThemes, $q)

The QueryManager service, uses the c2cgeoportal's themes to configure ngeo's query service with each layer found.

Used UI metadata:

  • identifierAttributeField: Field used to identify the feature (like a title).
  • queryLayers: The alternate layers used to do the query.
  • wmsLayers: The layers used to do the query, used if queryLayers is not provided.
  • wmsUrl: An alternate wmsUrl used to do the query (essential to query WMTS layer).
Name Type Description
ngeoQuery !ngeo.Query

The ngeo Query service.

gmfThemes !gmf.Themes

The gmf Themes service.

$q !angular.$q

Angular q service



Name Type Description
dimensions Object.

The global dimensions object.