Editing (with CGXP)

Any c2cgeoportal application comes with an editing interface, available at /edit (assuming / is the application’s root URL).

The editing interface requires the editing plugin (cgxp.plugins.Editing), which is provided by CGXP as of commit 58c931d. Make sure your application uses an appropriate version (commit) of CGXP.

The editing interface is defined in the application’s templates/edit.html and templates/edit.js files. The integrator can edit templates/edit.html and templates/edit.js to customize the editing interface.

The integrator will probably need to:

  • Add base layers.
  • Change the map settings (projection, resolutions, etc.).

Other customizations, like adding tools to the toolbar, can be done. If layer sources and tools are added you will certainly need to edit jsbuild/app.cfg and add scripts in the [edit.js] sections.

See the Editing API doc for the list of options the plugin can receive.


At the moment only fields of type datetime and date are supported. time is NOT supported.


Checking the validity of a geometry may be enabled using the following configuration in vars_<project>.yaml:

        geometry_validation: True