Specific configuration for Arcgis

WFS namespace

In the <package>/templates/viewer.js file, define the url of the WFS service which will be used to get the namespace required to parse the WFS response:

cgxp.WFS_FEATURE_NS = "http://your.arcgis.server/arcgis/services/SOME/FOLDER/MapServer/WFSServer";

Differentiating WMS and WFS services

It may be necessary to differentiate the WMS and WFS services url.

In the vars_<project>.yaml file, define:

mapserv_url: http://your.arcgis.server/arcgis/services/SOME/FOLDER/MapServer/WMSServer
mapserv_wfs_url: http://your.arcgis.server/arcgis/services/SOME/FOLDER/MapServer/WFSServer

These are the urls which respond respectively to the WMS GetCapabilities and WFS GetCapabilities.

If your project has a parent (in a parent/child architecture), in the config_child.yaml.mako file also define the WFS service separately:

external_mapserv_wfs_url: http://your.parent.arcgis.server/arcgis/services/SOME/FOLDER/MapServer/WFSServer

WFS geometryName

Also, the name of the geometry parameter in the WFS response is different in ArcGis.

in the <package>/templates/viewer.js file, for the cgxp.plugins.WFSGetFeature or cgxp.plugins.GetFeature plugins, add the following parameter in the plugin configuration:

geometryName: ‘SHAPE’


ArcGis (even 10.2) does not understand “application/vnd.ogc.gml” for INFO_FORMAT in a GetFeatureInfo request and returns only a simple XML formated response instead of GML.

This kind of result can not be parsed correctly by the cgxp.plugins.GetFeature plugin, meaning a WMS GetFeatureInfo result will not display correctly.

It is recommended to use the cgxp.plugins.WFSGetFeature plugin that does only WFS queries.