The goal of this document is to give some troubleshooting tips.


First you should add ?debug in the application URL to have all the JavaScript and stylesheets in separated non-minified files.

Using a browser-integrated debugging tool such as Firebug (for Firefox) or Chrome development tool is very useful.

In case of 500 errors have a look at the apache logs, located at /var/www/vhosts/<vhost_name>/logs/<vhost_name>_error.log. If we call a service behind a proxy, the log entry actually references the final URL. Therefore you may call the latter URL directly on the server by typing curl "http://localhost/<path>" -H Host:<server_name>.

If the pyramid_debugtoolbar is enabled the error is directly returned in the query that fails.

For print-related issues have a look at the logs in the /srv/tomcat/tomcat1/logs/<instanceid>.log file.


Sometime more information are available by using this command:

shp2img -m <mapfile> -o test.png -e <minx> <miny> <maxx> <maxy> -s <sizex> <sizey> -l <layers>

You may also activate Mapserver’s debug mode and set the log level in your mapfile by adding the following configuration:

    CONFIG "MS_ERRORFILE" "/tmp/ms_error.txt"
    DEBUG 5

More informations


In the /etc/postgresql/9.*/main/postgresql.conf configuration file you can set log_statement to all to see all the called statements. This file must be edited using the postgres user.

Reloading PostgreSQL is required so that the new configuration is taken into account:

sudo /etc/init.d/postgres reload

Logs are available in the /var/log/postgresql/postgresql-9.*-main.log file.


You can run DEBUG=TRUE make … to have some debug message. Actually we display the running rule and why she is running (dependence update).


Edit a file in a running apache wsgi container

docker exec -ti <package>_wsgi_1 bash
vi ...
kill -s USR1 1  # graceful

Performance or network error

For performance and proxy issues make sure that all internal URLs in the config file use localhost (use curl "http://localhost/<path>" -H Host:<server_name> to test it).

Tilecloud chain

Points to check with TileCloud chain:

* Disabling metatiles should be avoided.
* Make sure that``empty_metatile_detection`` and ``empty_tile_detection`` are configured correctly.
* Make sure to not generate tiles with a higher resolution than in the raster sources.